Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Regular price $37.99 USD
Regular price $54.99 USD Sale price $37.99 USD
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Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Regular price $37.99 USD
Regular price $54.99 USD Sale price $37.99 USD
SAVE $17.00 Sold out
Color: Green
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Avocado Pet Water Fountain

Avocado Pet Water Fountain

Regular price $37.99 USD
Regular price $54.99 USD Sale price $37.99 USD
SAVE $17.00 Sold out
Color: Green
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🥑AVOCADO SHAPE AND STYLE - The top of this avocado pet water fountain is wide enough to give pets more room to drink without touching the fountain, and its unique shape and style allow for better decoration.

🔗INTELLIGENT CONTROL DESIGN - This avocado pet water fountain is absolutely safe, with automatic shut-off function at low water level to avoid dry running of the pump, the water level window is easy to monitor, and it works quietly with only 38 decibels of noise. In the case of water shortage, the indicator light will flash.

✨SAFE AND DURABLE - Dispenser cat water is made of food grade materials and is BPA free. In order to keep the high quality of the pet water dispenser, we use more material to make the body thicker. It is more durable, more stable, and meets human health standards. 

💧FOUR-LAYER FILTRATION SYSTEM - The water dispenser is equipped with a four-layer circulating water purification system. It consists of microporous filter cloth, activated carbon, cationic resin and filter cotton. Effectively filters impurities, removes hair, dirt and food debris to provide your pets with clean drinking water.

🎈EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN - The pet water dispenser is ergonomic, all parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean and replace.

‼️Order one water dispenser and receive a complimentary filter and water pump filter cotton (It is recommended to replace the filter element once a month).





💡DIMENSIONS: 230×161×119mm/9.0×6.3×4.6in

💡NET WEIGHT: 390g/0.86lb


💡POWER SUPPLY MODE: USB cable charging


-1×Water Fountain

-1×Water Bump

-1×USB Charging Cable


-1×Water Bump Filter Sponge

-1×User Manual

How To Use


  1. Take out the host and accessories.
  2. Before using the filter element, soak it in water 10-15 minutes.
  3. Rinse the water tray, tank and filter element several times ( note that the water pump needs to be cleaned separately), and keep the power supply USB interface dry.
  4. Add clean water to the water tank, which is lower than the highest water level and higher than the lowest water level.
  5. Install the water pump, filter element parts, drinking tray, and faucet in sequence.
  6. Automatically power on when the USB power cable is connected to the power supply.


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Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Avocado Pet Water Fountain
Flow Water for Encouraging Drinking
With a circulating water system and ample surface area, our water fountain ensures rich oxygen content, while its four-layer filtration system effectively removes floating hair and purifies the water, resulting in exceptionally fresh water that's irresistibly appealing to your pet.
Smart Power-off Protection
Equipped with an integrated water level sensor, our fountain accurately detects water levels. When the water level drops below 200ml of the safety level, the flashing light alerts you to the power-off protection, preventing dry burning.
Water Level Visibility
Our fountain features a transparent water level window design, allowing you to accurately monitor the remaining water level without having to open the lid, ensuring convenience and ease of use.


How often should I change the filters?

To maintain ideal filtering effect, please change the filter every month. This ensures clean and fresh water for your feline friend.

How to clean water pump?

The water pump is an independent and removable accessory. It is recommended to clean it once a week, including the filter cotton, which affects the service life of the water pump.

Why does the running sound suddenly increase?

Pay attention to whether the water level in the water tank exceeds the minimum water level, remember to add water, and check and clean the water pump in time.

How do I care for the fountain before the first use?

For optimal performance, please soak the filter in a clean bowl (not in the water tank) for 10-15 minutes to flush out impurities caused by collision before using it for the first time. This ensures a clean and effective filtration system from the start.

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